Tuesday, November 26, 2013

From Pastor Jason: Every Gift Points Us to Jesus

It never failed. At some point, after football had been played, turkey had been passed around and devoured, but before the pecan pie had been enjoyed (pronounced “p-can” by the way), my mom or dad would break our Thanksgiving momentum. As I’m sure is the habit of many of your families, before dessert could be enjoyed we were invited to share one thing from the previous year for which we were thankful. It could be anything. A new bike. A new discovery. Or the simple ongoing blessing of family, health, and western democracy (every kid loves democracy, right?). You know what I’m talking about. At first it was frustrating–I just wanted some pie. But despite my pecan pangs this tradition always took on special meaning and life.

What I’ve realized since all those Thanksgiving reflections during my childhood, is we were really just thankful for one thing. God is fully in control, he owns everything, and he is our provider. That means all of the things we could and should be thankful for during this season are ultimately from him. And if Jesus is the greatest and picture perfect gift of God, then every gift is a reflection or sign post, pointing us to Jesus. So it’s no surprise that every year, every Thanksgiving, after everyone shared what they were thankful for ... my dad made this clear: every gift points us to Jesus. 

May you enjoy Jesus this Thanksgiving. 

Peace …
Pastor Jason  


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