Tuesday, November 19, 2013

From Pastor Jason: It's About to Get Crazy

Are you feeling it yet? I know I am. It’s November 19th. That means it’s almost Thanksgiving … Christmas … and then the new year. Yikes. It seems like right around the last week of November life kicks into warp speed. At Dwell there will be great opportunities to love our city, the CRC and Saratoga Subacute, and the folks in our gospel groups. Not to mention all the activities, traditions, and delicious meals there will be to enjoy with friends and family. And I’m sure things even pick-up at some of the places you all work. 

Life is about to get crazy. 
Can you feel it? 
Like a calm before the storm. 

In light of the forthcoming pace of the season I would encourage all of you individually, as couples, as a family, and as gospel groups to take time to look ahead and make a plan. After all, it’s only November 19th … we still have time to reflect and press meaning into the incredible moments we are about to enjoy. Let’s not be those who allow another season to fly by without inviting that person to church, without having that neighbor over for Thanksgiving, without reconciling with extended family members, without giving to those who would otherwise go without, or without pointing our children to a greater power and purpose. May we take time to press true meaning and rest into these next couple of months. 

In the spirit of what has just been said … this week I am taking some time to think and pray about next year. I’ll be out of the office and probably nestled into one of the silent floors of the Martin Luther King Jr. library. I’m excited to consider a series in Matthew, possibly 1 and 2 Kings, as well as a number of other passages, ideas, and books. Please pray for me. I am thrilled about where we are as a church and believe that God has some more incredible things to do in and through us next year. So grateful to be in it with you and to be called “pastor” in our church community. 

Peace …
Pastor Jason

Don’t forget to sign up to help us with the Thanksgiving Feasts at the CRC and Saratoga Subacute. Please sign up to bring food, but also sign up to help us set-up and clean-up the event. Volunteer Here

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