Tuesday, December 3, 2013

From Pastor Jason: Expecting Jesus

Expectations have a snowball effect. You know what I mean? The longer a snowball rolls down a hill, the faster it goes and the bigger it gets. When I am waiting for something or anticipating something, the longer I have to wait the more powerful my expectations become. Sometimes this means I get more excited. Other times it means I am growing increasingly anxious, worried, or nervous. What I’ve discovered, regardless if I am expecting a big test, a doctor’s visit, or Christmas Day is that the more prepared I am the more pleasurable my expectations. 

I’m sure you can relate. When you have studied and know all the material that big test is no problem. And if you have been eating well, feeling good, and generally taking care of yourself, there’s no fear in going to see the doctor. But what about Christmas? How do we get prepared for that? How do we embrace a pleasurable expectation of a date that can bring tons of anxiety? In a word: advent. The season of advent (by the very definition of the word) is a season of preparing for Jesus “coming”.

It is intended to create pause. 
It is meant to highlight meaning. 
It is meant to get us ready. 

Advent began on Sunday. So may we take the next few weeks–before the snowball picks up to much speed–to reflect, anticipate, and prepare our hearts to celebrate the earthly arrival of God’s Son.

Peace …
Pastor Jason


A brief note on the 2014 budget …

On Sunday December 15th, we will be hosting an affirmation vote for members of the 2014 church budget. This Sunday (December 8th) you will be given an overview of this budget so that you can have time to review the details, ask questions, and pray. If you’d like to know more before Sunday please email Brian Schaffer (schafferbrian@gmail.com). 

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