Tuesday, November 12, 2013

From Pastor Jason: A Few Big Thank Yous

Thank you to all those helped with another incredibly successful and generous evening of Harvest Carnival festivities. It was so good to watch you all love on our city.

JJ Heller Performing @ Dwell.
Photo by John Watson
Thank you to everyone who volunteered so much of your time, abilities, and energies to make the JJ Heller concert happen … especially Mike Mazon and Dan and Noelle Nelson!

Thank you to all the folks who are volunteering, cooking, and then driving all over the city to love on the growing families of Dwell with delicious meals. It’s so good to see all these new little ones being welcomed to this world with so much love!

Thank you Noelle Nelson for over a year of life-giving and skillful service to our church as administrator. We miss you already, all the best on your first day at your new job today!

Thank you Ken Tinsley for jumping in as our interim administrator as we continue the process of finding our next staff team member.

Thank you to all our Gospel Group leaders who plan, prepare, email, invite, and host all these great groups through out the week!

Thank you to all you good folks who have already signed up to help us love on the Children’s Recovery Center and Saratoga Subacute staff and families with a great Thanksgiving feast on November 30th

Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers and teachers who encourage and care for our growing Little Dwellers each and every Sunday!

See you Sunday!
Pastor Jason

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