Thursday, August 8, 2013

From Pastor Jason: Three Things

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One: An Apology.
I owe you all an apology. As some of you have undoubtedly noticed I preach without notes. It is a matter of personal course because I have discovered that I think more clearly and preach more passionately when I am free from them. However in light of this fluid delivery I am susceptible to say things that are unplanned and unrehearsed. Sometimes that’s good. Other times it isn’t. Sunday after our Willow Glen gathering I believe God’s Spirit revealed to me that I said something which was unplanned and unrehearsed that should not have been said.
Near the middle of the sermon I made a flippant comment about yarmulkes. A yarmulke (or kippah), as many of you know, is an orthodox Jewish cap worn by many Jews even to this day. It’s a garment of respect and reverence usually worn during prayer, and sometimes worn constantly. In light of the serious esteem the Jewish culture has for this article it was foolish and inappropriate for me to refer to it with such levity. I am really sorry about that. Please forgive me for saying what I did.
Two: Our Friend Fernando.
Thanks so much to many of you Downtown folks who gave so generously to our friend Fernando. He was really grateful to receive the money that you gave. It will enable him to fill up his bike cart and help his family through this difficult season of losing his mother. When we spoke with him yesterday he told us that his younger brother would be coming up from Mexico to live with him. He was excited but knew this would bring a lot of change. Please keep praying for all the transitions and grieving process that our friend will be going through in the coming months.
Three: Downtown.
Just a quick reminder and announcement for our Downtown family. There will be a brief meeting immediately following the gathering on Sunday. We would love for all you to be there. We’ll shoot to get you to lunch by the regularly scheduled time. Thanks so much!
Peace …
Pastor Jason

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