Thursday, August 8, 2013

From Pastor Jason: The Man From the Land of Uz

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When change comes, we want answers. We want reasons and understanding, particularly if the change is costly–and change always costs us something. In this search our minds naturally take us to one of three places: ”God is teaching me something” or “I must have done something wrong” or ”This world is messed up.” All of these options make perfect sense. In Scripture we observe plenty of stories of change animated by God’s custom-fit plans for his people, change caused by human rebellion, and change due to the fallen nature of our existence. This morning, while wrestling with these three possibilities, I happened to read the first few chapters of Job. Talk about change. In a matter of moments the vast majority of Job’s possession were gone, his sons and daughters dead, and sores had broken out all over his body. Save for the crucifixion of Christ, this has become the story of suffering in Scripture. And yet in the face of such violent change it wasn’t what Job said, but what he didn’t say that proved his exemplary faith.
Peace …
Pastor Jason 
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