Thursday, August 8, 2013

From Pastor Jason: Sunday Mornings Are Changing at Dwell!

Hey Church image.001Last night the elders and I sensed God’s leading to finalize our plans to end the Sunday morning gathering at Grant Academy. That means that on Sunday, August 4th we will begin to have a single weekly worship service at 9:30 AM at Dwell Willow Glen. We will continue to host a service at both the Children’s Recovery Center (CRC) and the Saratoga Subacute Facility (SSF) once a month. (In fact more exciting news is in the works concerning this important expression of our church. Stay tuned …) Though we are working on a few changes including Sunday morning times and scheduling in the fall, during the month of August we will stick with a 9:30 AM gathering and an 11:15 AM Sunday class hour for the entire Dwell family. 
Though on the surface this may seem like a significant shift in our approach to ministry I think it is best to view this change as a refinement of our primary purposes, and strategies used to accomplish those purposes. We are seeking to share Jesus with our neighbors in Willow Glen … on Sunday mornings, through Gospel Groups, various events, and especially in everyday life and work. We are also still seeking to share Jesus with our friends at the CRC and SSF … through prayer, consistent connections, and monthly gatherings. And we’ll continue to share Jesus with our neighbors and friends downtown … through a pioneering Gospel Group, various events, and in everyday life and work. As we dwell in Willow Glen, at the CRC, at the SSF, and in downtown San Jose we will continue to share Jesus. By God’s grace he will continue to build his church. And last time I checked, not even the gates of hades can hold him back.
Peace … 
Pastor Jason 
Dwell still urgently needs help with Kids Club and the Harvest Carnival! Please be praying that God would provide for these needs. And if you are interested in either of these ministries, please email Noelle at

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