Tuesday, August 20, 2013

From Pastor Jason: Three Things (Keeping it Basic)

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I’m out in Michigan this week enjoying some overdue family time. Thanks so very much for all of you who prayed for me and fed me during those ten arduous days I was without my wife and daughter. I made it! It is so good to reunite with them and take in some of the goodness that is Lake Michigan. We’re missing you all … I promise. Here are few things I wanted to keep on your Dwell radar while I was away: 
Discipleship Training. Be sure to check out our one of our upcoming Sunday morning classes. Starting September 8th Pastor Chris will be teaching a class focused on the themes from the book Everyday Church. Additionally, during the same hour one of our elders, John Lunsford, will be walking through the major prophets of the Bible.
What’s Down at Dwell? In the past couple of weeks Ken Tinsley and others have been sharing Dwell announcements in video form.  They have been both informative, and in typical Dwell fashion, incredibly hilarious. Please make sure you are taking advantage of these videos to keep updated on events and community life. We’ll be posting this through social media and soon on our redesigned website.
Sunday Morning Schedule. As stated on Sunday, we are still working to finalize our Sunday morning schedule. Thanks to all of you who helped with this process by filling out the recent surveys. I’ll do my best to keep you informed throughout the rest of the process. We should be implementing our new times (if change is necessary) on September 8th. 
I love being your pastor. Thanks for keeping me, Laura, and Glori in your prayers as we are away. Can’t wait to be back with you all soon!

Peace …
Pastor Jason

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