Tuesday, January 28, 2014

From Pastor Jason: A Unified Family

This year the elders and I want to see Dwell grow in unity. (Perhaps you’ve picked up on this theme.) I think yesterday was a great step toward this end. If you remember we reviewed our aim to receive, cultivate, and anticipate a unity anchored in God’s love and truth. I hope this was clear to those of you who were able to attend our family meeting yesterday. The sermon unpacked our biblical logic for the possibility and pursuit of unity. The family meeting laid out our practical application of this principle and purpose. We are committed to seeing everyone at Dwell grow together this year–from the newly born to seasoned saints. We’ll do this by keeping our faith anchored in the nature of God himself. And then, through this understanding we will seek clarity of our personal giftedness through communication and participation. We want to keep getting healthy … because healthy things grow in healthy ways. 

Attached you’ll find a digital form of our NCD report that John Lunsford reviewed at yesterday’s meeting. Additionally I’ve included a copy of the membership covenant and annual report from the pastors and elders. 

Please, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to give me a call (408.280.0611) or shoot me an email (jason@dwellsj.com).

Much, much love …
Pastor Jason


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