Tuesday, January 7, 2014

From Pastor Jason: Bible, Bible, Bible

At Dwell we really love the Bible. And this year we want everyone at Dwell to grow, grow, grow in their affection for Scripture. In my experience there is no better way to fall in love or back into love with Scripture than simply opening the Book. That’s why we are encouraging everyone to read through the Bible together this year. That’s why we are encouraging each of you to memorize Scripture as a church this year. Our reading plan has just begun … but it is never too late to jump on board (check out the reading guide here). And our memorization of Matthew 5:1-12 will begin this Sunday. Please join us!

As we open up the Word together more and more I know each of you will benefit greatly. I know all of us will only grow in your appreciation for the sixty-six books that form the Bible. But I do have one warning. There is a subtle yet profound difference between loving the Bible and loving God. It’s good to love the Scriptures. But that’s not the end of a Christian’s affections. After all, the text exists to highlight the majesty and goodness and nature of God himself. So let’s not stop at enjoying a book; may we fall in love or back into love with Jesus this year, together.

See you on Sunday!
- Pastor Jason 

- Dwell Work Day coming up next Saturday, January 18th. More info here.
- Family Meeting scheduled for Sunday, January 26th, directly following service. Come have lunch as a Dwell family (lunch provided!), praise God for 2013 and look ahead to 2014!
- Remember to avail yourself of our church blog for all kinds of interesting resources and news that your pastors put together just for you!

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