Tuesday, January 14, 2014

From Pastor Jason: Memorizing the Mundane

Perhaps you’ve given it some thought. Perhaps you’ve already cast the opportunity aside … not your thing. Or maybe, just maybe you’ve already got Matthew 5:1 memorized. At first blush this verse may seem simple enough; if not in length then certainly in content. What’s the big deal? Jesus saw a crowd. Then walked up a mountain (more like a big hill). And then sat down. What deep truth could we possibly glean from such a non-miraculous verse? What’s the point in memorizing such a simple set of words? I’m glad you asked.

One of my favorite things about the Bible are verses just like this. It’s not impressive. It’s not memorable. It’s not the good stuff. It’s set-up and context. What Jesus is about to say is arguably the most important address in the New Testament. But in my mind the simple, mundane, casual, and forgettable details of Matthew 5:1 make his sermon that much more viable for us today.

Today, when you go to church there’s a very good chance when it comes time for the preacher to preach he will stand. Or when you’re at school, when the teacher teaches, she or he stands most of the time. Very few take a seat. However in Jesus’ day it was customary for the rabbi or teacher to stand while he read from Scripture, but then to sit down when he was addressing the crowd. And so it brings life and authenticity to the stories of Scripture such details are present. Like when Jesus read Isaiah in the temple and rolled up the scroll … then sat down. Or when Jesus saw a crowd and walked up a big hill … then sat down.

When we memorize the mundane we are compelled to remember ... this really happened!

- Pastor Jason 


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