Tuesday, February 11, 2014

From Pastor Jason: Seven Things to Do When God Speaks to You

Sunday was one of those Sundays. I don’t know about you but it was just different. From my perspective—up on stage experiencing it all with you—God was speaking to many of us. The word sank deeply. The truth hit you in between the eyes. Something forgotten or avoided was brought to the forefront of your mind. A few of you have even shared with me through texts or emails or in person what God has been saying to you. I imagine there are more. And so today I wanted to give you a few ways to respond that I have found personally helpful when God has spoken to me …

One | Thank him. I know it’s basic. But don’t forget to thank him. The God of the universe spoke to you! He spoke to you! He stirred your heart, highlighted his truth, and gave you his gracious attention and love. No matter what he said, it was a gift.

Two | Write it down. Few things bring clarity to a thought like writing it down. You may not be a fan of keeping a journal or diary. That’s okay. Grab a Post-It note. Open up an app. Blog about it. Write it on your hand. No matter what the medium when we write things down it helps us to remember and articulate our thoughts beyond vague sentiments.

Three | Seek clarification. It’s important to make sure we’ve heard God correctly. Talk to your spouse. Share it with your Gospel Group. Pray. Read Scripture. But … let’s also be honest. We can be pretty good at muddying crystal clear waters. Sometimes instead of just doing what God has clearly said we can foolishly delay. So seek clarification. Unless it is perfectly clear. In that case, move on to #4.

Four | Respond. Confess sin. Stop sinning. Ask for help. Embrace that idea. Apologize to your kids. Have coffee with that coworker. Invite that neighbor to dinner. Simply put, it’s time to be doers of the Word.

Five | Tell someone. Update the community. Bring your brothers and sisters into the experience and process with you. Undoubtedly it will not only encourage us, but it will help each of us with our own processes of listening and responding to God. Let the church be the Church.

Six | Worship Jesus. It might be obvious, but God is officially up to something in your life. It’s a gift. It’s grace. It’s for your joy! It’s for his glory. So worship Jesus with a glad heart.

Seven | Listen again. There’s more where that came from.

Can't wait to hear more about what God is doing in your lives.

Peace ...
Pastor Jason


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