Tuesday, February 25, 2014

From Pastor Jason: Four Questions to Ask Yourself to Help You Find the Best Way to Serve

There's a strange misconception in the Church. Not just our church, but in every church. It comes in the area of discerning gifts or calling or areas of service (however you’d like to describe it). It’s a tempting concept and it suggests that what you love to do is irrelevant to service. The lie is that what you love to do is beside the point. Many times we believe that in order to serve others and honor God it has to hurt or cost us something. To be sure serving Jesus often does. But that doesn’t mean that every time we serve Jesus or his church it has to be a burden. Our service is ultimately for God’s glory and our joy!

So … one way to take the next step in determining your own personal gifts and discovering a place to serve with our ministry and this city is simply to ask these four questions …

1.) What do I love to do?
2.) How do other people benefit from what I love to do?
3.) How is God honored by what I love to do?
3.) What’s stopping me from giving it a shot?

I dare you to ask these questions and see what God can do … with you and within you … with us and within us … for his glory and our joy.

Peace …
Pastor Jason


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