Tuesday, October 8, 2013

From Pastor Jason: Two Things to Pray About

One. Three of our worship leaders are in southern California this week. They are at a conference together considering the subject of worship in the local church. I am praying that God will use this time to encourage them, expand their vision for God's glory, and give them fresh ideas to equip our church to worship Jesus better. Please join me.

Two. This month we have a unique opportunity. The messages I will be preaching deal directly with specific questions and thoughts many of your friends and loved ones have. Invite them. Well first, pray. Seek God's direction and consider who in your life would benefit from hearing about the gospel through these specific questions and topics … then invite them. Below is a brief overview of the series and questions you and others may have concerning these specific topics. I pray this is a profitable time for our church. Join me in this as well. 
  1. Sunday, October 13th: The Good News and Violence. Why does so much violence persist through Scripture? How can God be described as loving when he kills by his own hand throughout the story of Israel? How can he permit such atrocities to exist today if he is loving and good? What can we learn about the gospel through the doctrine of hell?
  2. Sunday, October 20th: The Good News and Marriage. What exactly is marriage? Who came up with the idea? How are Christians supposed to respond to the advent of gay marriage? How can we communicate the gospel in a fresh way to our LGBTQ neighbors and friends? Is it appropriate to just let people love each other as they please?
  3. Sunday, October 27th: The Good News and Ethnicity. What does the Bible say about race? Hasn't the Church, and America for that matter, progressed beyond ethnic prejudices? Does my national heritage really matter that much in the kingdom of God? We are all just God's kids, right? 
  4. Sunday, November 3rd: TBD. This is where I need your help. So please let me know where and when you have felt between a rock and a hard place. Click here for the Online Survey.

I hope all you gospel groups have a great time connecting this week. And I can't wait to see you all this Sunday! Thanks for praying with me.

Peace …


Join us Friday, October 18 from 6:30-9:00 PM for the next Film and Theology. We'll watch Life of Pi and learn what this fantastic story has to do with the gospel. Snacks and admission are free!

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