Tuesday, October 22, 2013

From Pastor Jason: Stop. And Listen.

One of my heroes, the late Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones was addressing a room full of budding preachers. He was speaking about the importance of personal Scripture reading …

"Here I want to say something that I regard as in many ways the most important discovery I have made in my life as a preacher. I had to discover it for myself, and all to whom I have introduced it have always been most grateful for it. When you are reading your Scriptures in this way–it matters not whether you have read little or much–if a verse stands out and hits you and arrests you, do not go on reading. Stop immediately, and listen to it."


And listen. 

What an incredible concept! 

The brash assumption Lloyd-Jones is making, the idea we must not miss, is that God is speaking. God speaks to us through his Word. Amazing! God talks to us! So, the question is … are we listening? I have to admit, often I am not. This year I have been reading through the Bible. I have the goal of reading through the whole Bible in a year. Perhaps you've done this before. And I realized as I read Lloyd-Jones message, I often don't stop and listen. Usually I just want to check off the next chapter of my daily goal. This is something of which I constantly have to remind myself. Today, I want to encourage all of us in the same way … God is speaking to us through his Word, may we stop and listen.

Peace …
Pastor Jason


Harvest Carnival: October 31st
  • We still need to fill 35 shifts to serve our community.
  • We still need candy. Please bring some on Sunday.
  • We still need you to be there!

 New Sunday Morning Schedule: November 3rd
  • 9:30 AM is Discipleship Training (child care will be provided)
  • 10:30 AM is Community Time
  • 10:45 AM is Worship Gathering

JJ Heller Concert at Dwell: November 9th

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