Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Musings on The Lego Movie

Last Friday we have our first successful first go hosting an outdoor Film and Theology. We showed the LEGO Movie but the only downside was we didn't get to offer some reflections on the movie afterwards due to the late start. But the atmosphere outdoors was really fun and we had a great turnout.

We had some handouts for thought provoking discussion with a link to a theological review of the movie. But not everyone may have checked those out so we thought it would be good to post them.

Be sure to check out the links below to some good theological reviews of some rather complex and insightful themes in the movie!

Questions to ponder:

1) Is everything AWESOME? Why? Why not?
2) Are there rules and order in life? How are they established?
3) Are you more orderly or creativity? Where does this come from?
4) Has someone tried to KRAGLE you?
5) Have you intentionally or unintentionally KRAGLED others?
6) How does God help us live – and thrive – in between creativity and order?

A good review by the author of Cinemagogue: Never LEGO of hope for reconciliation (SPOILER ALERT)

Another review by our own Andrew Thompson: LEGO and let God

- Pastor Chris

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