Wednesday, September 4, 2013

From Pastor Jason: Sunday Schedule and Two Events

As many of you know we have been considering a change to our Sunday mornings schedule. Our primary motivation for considering an alternative approach to our worship gathering and discipleship training hour is twofold: community and mission. I believe with a slight change in our order and timing we can make more room for connecting with each other on Sunday mornings. Additionally I believe with this same shift we can make what we offer on Sunday mornings more accessible and life-giving to our friends, family members, and other guests. Taking into account various conversations and our church-wide survey, last night the elders and I arrived at a consensus. We do feel as though we need to make a change, but not until November 3rd. This later date will allow the first wave of our new discipleship courses (each is eight weeks long) to remain at the same time throughout. So now you want to know the new  schedule, right? Well we’d love to marinate on it for just another week. We want to make certain that this change is the best way forward to encourage community and mission at Dwell. I’ll let you know next Tuesday what Sundays will look like come November 3rd!
In addition to the refreshed schedule I wanted to remind you all of two great events right around the corner. In just a couple of weeks the back lawn at Dwell will be filled with delicious treats and great music. Please visit our website to get all the information you need about “So Long Summer ” on September 21st. Make sure to invite your friends! This concert has been strategically placed so that we might foster relationships with folks  as well as invite them back the following month to our annual Harvest Carnival. On Halloween night tons of people come to the Willow Glen area to enjoy one of the best trick-or-treating locales on the planet. By God’s grace we are right in the middle of the action. And we need everyone to help! Brian and Nicole Schaffer have volunteered to lead the effort this year. We’ll let you know real soon how you can jump on board.
Peace …
Pastor Jason
Key Dates:
  • This weekend there is a free marriage conference at East Valley Church
  • On September 21st don’t miss “So Long Summer”
  • On October 31st our annual Harvest Carnival
  • Our new Sunday schedule will begin Sunday, November 3rd

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